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UnOfficial McFly Street Club Team (USA)

The Unofficial McFly Street Club team
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So this site is for McFly fans from all different countries and stuff hehe. We will post any McFly news we hear... you guys have to chip in too though!!!!!!! We will post updates on the scrapbook project thing and updates on anything we hear! We really hope you guys like this community a lot! And also we will be doing like North American promo things. Since the moderator on the US street team kinda got fired or died or moved to Kazakastan we will do street team type things here I guess. So have fun, make friends, post loads (random McFly facts, pictures, quotes anything, JUST POST), and enjoy!

The website for the scrapbook is www.myspace.com/bringmcflytotheus. The scrapbook project is explained in our about me and blogs on the myspace. So basically it's a scrapbook we're sending to McFly that is going to be filled with fan letters. It's to show them how much their American and Candian fans care and all. So PLEASE participate. THE SCRAPBOOK ENTRIES ARE DUE BY APRIL 21ST!That is the only thing. If you do that, or say you will do that, then you can post when ever you want and yea. Or if we really like you, you don't even need to send in a letter, you can just join, but we'd like it if you sent in a letter.

All members (who send in a letter) will get a braclet saying "McFly (hearts) 'insert name here'" to get one of those you must contact mcflyroxmyheart and she will send you one in the mail.

The address to send the letters to is:

PO Box 220103
Great Neck,
New York 11022

Rules For The Community
1) When you join please make an intro post. Telling us your name, where you're from, how you heard of McFly, and why you want them to tour in North America
2) If you post any nude pictures please put them under a cut and put a warning in the post before the cut, so people know what they're opening
3) Don't start internet drama. If you're mean to someone and they didn't know they did anything we will block/kick you out of the community
4) Have fun and make friends. Because McFly obsessed friends are the best type of friends to have.
5) Try to keep the community alive... we don't want it dying on us.
6) If you have any question please feel free to post them. If we know the answer, we'll decline the post and tell you. If we don't we'll accept the post and let the friends help with the answers.

Also check out mine and Alice's piczo. It's a promotion site type thing!

~Sara & Alice
miss_saraaaaa_o mcflyroxmyheart