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so yesterday i was bored and just looking around
the offical boards in the mcfly in the usa threads
and came across this little bit of information:

"sorry a little random, but i thought it was cool.

So what is the main difference between American girls and British girls?
TOM: The accent is hot. We’re with English girls all the time so English accents are
just like normal to us. It doesn’t sound like an accent really. When you come to America, 
if a girl is okay-looking, her accent makes her seem so much more attractive.
DOUGIE: And they have better teeth as well.

so, dont they want to come over here to hear our accent. lol." - McFlysUSstargirl

i have no idea how old this is or where it is from or 
anything, but i just decided to share it with all of you.     =]
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