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There's is alot going on right now in the life of Mcfly. They kicked off their tour last night and here is a link to pictures. ssion_id=84f63dd22e60b681ad3e50b36477a809

To save them click them and wen the pic is in the box click it again and then right click on it at the same time click enter and you'll be able to save it =]

ok i'm gonna do this thing so i won't spoil the tour for anyone.
Friday Night
Please, Please
Room On The 3rd Floor
Star Girl
That Girl
All About You
I'll Be Ok
Silence Is A Scary Sound
THEN a vote via loudest screams for one of the three following songs:
Don't Stop Me Now
You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party
(In Bradford Ghostbusters won but it might be different at other venues)
Baby's Coming Back
Too Close For Comfort
5 Colours In Her Hair 

and then the merchandise the were selling if anyone cares lol ...
Programme (£10)  
Sticker set (£6)  
Badge (just 1) (£2)  
2 different and pink (£15)  
Star Girl top (£18 )  
Pink striped top (£18 )  
Tour t-shirt (£15 for kids £18 for adults)  
Light things (don't know )  
Zip up hoodie - pink (£45) on the back it says "Lucky star girl"  
Zip up mens hoodie - black (£45)  
Keyring (£5)  
Poster - (£5) 

For those american haha just double the amount of pounds and it is dollars. for example 5 pounds is about 10 dollars. A little less.

Well now there is some extra new news and I haven't been confirmed on where it is from but here ya go:

We have two downloads that both count as a single for the charts - and we are making bonus home movies for each for anyone pre-ordering the download.
For the radio version of Baby's Coming Back, just text BABY to 78789.   When you redeem it on single day you also get to see our special movie Mcfly antics on tour!  
Dougie has also made his own version of the single which also counts - just text BABY DOUGIE to 78789.   When you get it on single day you get to see our other home movie which is all about Dougie! 

I would check myspace for that info. =] told you there was a lot of news!

O and for those who still have hope for mcfly coming soon...a girl on the official boards said mcfly are probably coming this summer. So lets hope she's right!

<3 Peace love and McFLY
Alice Leigh
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